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An Introduction to Celiac Disease

An Introduction to Celiac Disease An Introduction to Celiac Disease (2:43), from Alicia Woodward, the editor of Living Without magazine. A “just the facts” presentation, highlighting the number of undiagnosed people with celiac disease, the obvious symptoms (Gastro-intestinal) and the … Continue reading

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Keeping an eye out for celiac disease

This is a short video from YNN (Your News Now – Time Warner Cable, Austin, TX). In this “Child Wellness” segment, a doctor discusses the many warning signs of celiac disease in children. Pretty basic stuff, but it is good … Continue reading

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Namaste Foods Gluten Free Spice Cake Mix Review

Visiting relatives brought the Namaste Foods Gluten Free Spice Cake Mix to our house and baked it for us. It serves as a great distraction for me against the piles of cookies and gingerbread house I can’t eat. This product … Continue reading

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Essential Root Vegetable Cookbook

For some, eating gluten free can mean eating a lot more root vegetables than you could have ever imagined. Many of our home cooked meals come with a side of sweet potatoes/potatoes/carrots/parsnips/etc. I found this in a used bookstore last … Continue reading

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A Really Good Start

Kim and I would like to thank you for making the first couple of weeks of Gluten Free City so amazing. It is hard to know what will happen when you launch a site and we certainly hoped for the … Continue reading

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Gluten Free City is now on Facebook

We are now on Facebook. I will be sharing many of the posts here over on our facebook page. I am good with Twitter and WordPress, but Facebook is a new thing. Pretty sure I am going to mess that … Continue reading


Book Review – Easy Paleo (Jennie Harrell)

Easy Paleo: 21 Practical Ways to Simplify Your Paleo Life by Jennie Harrell is a nice introduction to changing your eating habits. While there are great Paleo specific tips, a lot of the book can be used regardless of the … Continue reading

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Supermarket Club Cards

Food safety officials are increasingly finding value in plumbing shoppers’ food buying habits through these loyalty cards when they’re faced with food-borne illness outbreaks across communities and even states that seem to have no obvious links. “It’s very helpful because … Continue reading

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“The Mourning Period”

“The Mourning Period” from Lillian’s Test Kitchen. This is so very true. My relationship with food has changed so much since the beginning of the year and I have made my peace with many of those changes. But I am … Continue reading

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Keeping a food diary?

Getting glutened is not pleasant and can have lasting effects. When food can hurt us, we tend to pay a lot more attention to it. By using a food tracking application, like Lose It!, we can easily keep a food … Continue reading

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