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Gluten Free Canada

I recently came across a wonderful site called The Celiac Scene that has a guide to gluten free and celiac friendly restaurants across Canada. The search is very simple and extremely well done. The ability to breakout a city search … Continue reading

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Relearning how to eat is one of the things you need to do when you find you can’t eat gluten. Eliminating an entire class of processed foods is difficult. The other “food groups” had to fill in the gap. More … Continue reading

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What is your Phase 2?

The Underpants Gnomes of South Park had a business plan with a nebulous Phase 2. Besides having spawned a lot of serious discussion regarding business plans and capitalism in general, it can help us in how we get to healthy. … Continue reading

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Next Phase

The first 45 days of Gluten Free City has gone pretty well. We have over 85 followers on twitter and are in regular contact with several members of the Celiac/Gluten Free Community. Besides offering reviews of snacks and pizza, we … Continue reading


The American Diet – A Historical Perspective

This is a must see lecture by Stephan Guyenet. He explains how we got so large and unhealthy in 16 minutes. You can read more about this at his site, Whole Health Source. Thanks to @balancedbites for tweeting this video … Continue reading

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The Devil

Ok, so I am stealing a bit of The Gluten Dude’s thunder by spoiling his “What is Gluten?” article, but his calling gluten “the devil” is spot on. The longer I go without gluten, the more I realize how many … Continue reading

Interview with Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Sean Croxton at Underground Wellness interviews Dr. Tom O’Bryan about testing for gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. It is a great introductory video and it also has technical details about the latest testing advances. Disclaimer: Dr. O’Bryan owns the testing … Continue reading

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Many people use the beginning of a year to make changes in their lives. One of them can be to eliminate gluten from their diet. This is commendable, but can come with some short term negative effects. From the article, … Continue reading

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Current Reading List

Besides seeming to be on twitter all day (@glutenfreecity), I have been trying to read about gluten, celiac disease and various diets. As you have probably experienced in your research, there are several “in progress” books on my desk and … Continue reading

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Forbidden Food

I love old books and have many more than I am able to display. One of my favorite topics is Self Improvement. This covers everything from diet to behavior. The late 1800′s and early 1900′s had a lot of books … Continue reading

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