Next Phase

The first 45 days of Gluten Free City has gone pretty well. We have over 85 followers on twitter and are in regular contact with several members of the Celiac/Gluten Free Community. Besides offering reviews of snacks and pizza, we have been sharing beginner resources and educational videos. We will continue to do this throughout 2012 and beyond.

Our next phase is to start development of a directory of Gluten Free Resources. These can be online or in “The Real World.” As I said in our About Us page, Kim and I have extensive backgrounds in Directory Development and Delivery. We can’t say that we will be the biggest right out of the gate, but we will be striving to be among the best.

We also know that two people can’t do this by themselves. There is a huge Gluten Free Community that we will continue to work with. If you are interested in helping to test or contribute to this project, please let me know at or in a comment below. I will be glad to share more details about our plans.

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