About GFC

Hello, my name is Steve. Welcome to GlutenFreeCity.com!

The Beginning

In early 2011, my wife Kim suggested that I try a Gluten Free diet. My diet was heavily gluten based at the time, so I wasn’t horribly enthusiastic. However, she is very aware of the relationship of the food we eat and our general health, so I decided to give it a shot.

Within a very short period of time, many of the gastro-intestinal “issues” I had been experiencing for years had  disappeared. I was sleeping well. The “brain fog” was lifting. I was feeling good.

Heck, I was feeling great!

Bag of Stress

However, the best part of going Gluten Free was that the stress and anxiety I had been experiencing for most of my life greatly diminished. It is very hard to overstate what a big deal this was for me (and my family and co-workers!). Before this, I could accurately be described as a “bag of stress”. I would disproportionately respond to stressful (and not-so-stressful) situations. I lived a lot of my life in a state of rage.

Thankfully, I am quite handsome and intelligent, otherwise my wife and job would have been long gone! :)

All kidding aside, being able to live in the moment and just enjoy life was something I had not been able to do for a very long time. Living a “normal” life was something that I did, but it took an incredible amount of effort and concentration.

Wanting More

There is a big difference between dropping gluten for a couple of weeks and making a committment to a Gluten Free Life. Now we had to get serious about changing not only how we ate, but how we lived. Daily meals, eating out, social occasions, traveling; everything changed.

There is a fantastic online community supporting the GF lifestyle. Kim and I voraciously devoured all sorts of blogs, forums and directories. We read a lot of books and cut out many magazine articles. It was a great way to get us started with this major shift in our lives.

We also found contradictory information, sites that existed solely to show us ads or mine our email addresses, flat out scams and scum who prey on desperate people just trying to not be hurt by their food.

It is important to remember that when the GF diet fad is over, there will be millions of people suffering from celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. We felt that we could contribute to the positive experience of people looking for GF information online.

Moving to Gluten Free City

Kim and I have many years of experience online. We have put together directories, specialty publications, blogs with original content and blogs that aggregated content from many sources. After making the decision to live Gluten Free, we made another decision. That was to create a community site that helped people like you. People looking for how to become Gluten Free and how to maintain being Gluten Free.

We sincerely hope that by writing about our direct experiences becoming Gluten Free along with posts linking you to the best GF content will help make your transition to a Gluten Free life a little easier.

Thank you for visiting. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Kim (gfc_kim) and Steve (gfc_steve)