Origin Stories

In comic book terminology, an origin story is an account or back-story revealing how a character or team gained their superpowers and/or the circumstances under which they became superheroes or supervillains.*

In the comic books, these moments of transformation are always very pronounced; weakling to Spiderman, scientist to Hulk, etc. In all of these stories, the moments shortly before and after these changes are incredibly interesting. The own reaction to their situation, along with those of friends and family, plays out page by page. Their old life is gone. They will never go back to being ordinary. Eventually, the hero gets themselves together and makes the most of it.

Okay, it isn’t always that clean and clear, and, frankly, the best stories are the ones with massive conflict, life and death decisions and some pain. Somehow, though, our caped crusader makes it to the end of the book or movie. Maybe a little worse for wear, maybe with more questions than answers, but ready to start fighting again tomorrow.

Those people who have celiac disease might not wear capes and tights (or they might, I won’t judge) and the only superpower they may have is detecting the most minute amount of gluten. But they have experienced that same moment of realizing their “old life” is gone. Whether it was a specific diagnosis of celiac disease or the realization that they were gluten intolerant/sensitive, their lives changed. Their movie trailer voiceover would begin “IN A WORLD WITHOUT GLUTEN…”

As part of Celiac Awareness Month, we want to link to several celiac/gluten sensitive “origin stories”. Just like the superheroes in the comics, the stories aren’t perfect and tied up in a bow at the end. Until there is a cure, they can’t go back. There are complications, lessons learned and drama. These are some of the online heroes and heroines that helped me deal with my own transition to being gluten free and we hope that their stories will ultimately educate and inspire you.

There are so many of these out there. I know more will be posted specifically for Celiac Awareness Month. I will add more as I find them or you let me know about them. Please post a comment below, send an email to gfc_steve@glutenfreecity.com or let me know on twitter.

*Quote from wikipedia

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2 Responses to Origin Stories

  1. What a great post, Steve! I’m so honored to be included! Excellent point on things not being tied up with a bow at the end, but I wouldn’t go back to eating gluten even if I could. My diet and life is much richer and healthier without gluten—gluten-caused issues set aside. Thanks for introducting me to some new blogs. Off to check those out and maybe find my capes and tight–hehe. ;-)

    Thanks again! Will share. :-)

  2. gfc_steve says:


    It means a lot that you liked this. I still have dreams of (real) pizza, but I know that I eat a lot healthier now and would like to think I wouldn’t go back to eating poorly.