Anxiety and Gluten

As I mention on the About Us page, I (and everyone around me) suffered from anxiety for years. Once I started eating Gluten Free, the anxiety started to go away. I cannot even believe how I used to live day to day, let alone work at a high pressure job. Now that I have been GF for about 9 months, my anxiety has been reduced to episodes that are over very quickly and it keeps getting better.

This article at Gluten Free Works, Anxiety and Celiac Disease, Causes and Response to a Gluten Free Diet, talks about the connection between gluten and anxiety. It is nice to see that this is something that has some science behind it.

Did you notice a reduction in anxiety in yourself or a family member when you went gluten free?

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2 Responses to Anxiety and Gluten

  1. Gluten Dude says:

    I can’t say I’m LESS anxious when I’m gluten free. But if/when I do get glutened, I’m an emotional wreck. Hard to describe. But man, does it bite.