Against the Grain Gourmet Pizza Review

Against the Grain Gourmet is a celiac owned family bakery that produces some excellent frozen GF food. They aren’t in a lot of stores, but they are worth searching for. I do have to give a hat tip to someone I work with for the info about this company. Thanks, Tony!

Their Three Cheese Pizza is what we will talk about today. As a connoisseur of pizza, this measures as one of the best gluten free pizzas, but also compares very well to “normal” frozen pies. The cost, however, is where there is a major difference. My 12-inch pizza cost over $14 from Whole Foods. Totally worth it, but I feel you should be warned.

You can see from the pictures I took above that the crust comes out very flaky, but not crumbly and that the slices cut cleanly and didn’t break apart. The dough is tapioca starch based and the cheeses are very good. I must confess that I ate the whole thing in one sitting. I am not ashamed!

If you are eating dairy free as well (which I, sadly, am doing now), they offer a country roll and bagel, but everything else has milk and/or cheese.

Not pictured is the second pizza I cooked a few days later so I could test how well it tasted cold from the fridge and if it could survive the microwave. It was good both ways.

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