Should We All Go Gluten Free?

Should We All Go Gluten Free? is a very detailed article from today’s New York Times. I am always heartened when I see the mainstream press covering Gluten Free living without turning into a freak show. This story only had a little bit of freakshow and a lot of explanation of how mainstream gluten intolerance and celiac disease has become. It is hard to believe that just more than a decade ago, we had so little knowledge of this issue in America.

The point of view of the writer, who has celiac disease, was very much appreciated. I had, of course, heard the stories of the tennis champion, Djokovic going gluten free and feeling great. I had not heard his quote that after the season was over he was going to eat a lot of gluten. I share the authors dismay at this.

Gluten-free foods — none of which taste like cardboard — fill my kitchen cabinets and those of millions of other Americans. A niche market is going mainstream. Long before General Mills unveiled its first official gluten-free product, consumers had made their needs known in phone call after phone call to Minnesota. The global trend data were there, laid out before the marketers, and so was the science — until, finally, it was clear: These customers needed to eat, too, and there was money to be made in feeding them. “It’s millions of people,” Alcocer told me, “with nowhere to turn, but us.”

The above quote, from the end of the article, is from the guy who runs It is the General Mills GF website. I haven’t gone through that site yet, but look forward to reading it. Those GF Chex cereals are tasty…

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