Relearning how to eat is one of the things you need to do when you find you can’t eat gluten. Eliminating an entire class of processed foods is difficult. The other “food groups” had to fill in the gap. More meat, more fat and more vegetables was what we did. I feel like I have eaten more vegetables in the past year than the 10 before it combined.

Supermarket produce departments are often a crapshoot. Even those that have organic veggies are getting them from thousands of miles away or even overseas. These simply aren’t fresh. We have paid a lot more attention to the sources of our food lately, but after seeing the movie Ingredients (2009), we realize we need to do more. It has prompted us to look at what we can grow at home and to make more of an effort to visit our farmer’s markets.

The filmmakers present a very good case for Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) by interviewing small farmers and restaurant owners/chefs. I think the best thing about this film is that it isn’t heavy handed in any way. It could have gone after industrial agriculture in a big way, but respects that you likely don’t have to hear Monsanto’s crimes read to you one more time.

This is not a film just for vegans or paleo or gluten free. It is for anyone who cares about what they eat. Although the segment on lambs will probably make vegans uncomfortable, please watch.

You can see this movie in the following places:

Official Site — DVD, Arrange local screening
Netflix — Watch Instantly (Streaming)
Amazon — DVD, Purchase Download and Rental (Streaming)

I was turned on to this film by Andrew Badenoch, who recommended it on Twitter (@evolvify). Thanks!

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