“The Mourning Period”

“The Mourning Period” from Lillian’s Test Kitchen.

This is so very true. My relationship with food has changed so much since the beginning of the year and I have made my peace with many of those changes. But I am still hanging on to a few things I shouldn’t.

My quixotic quest for a Gluten Free (and now Dairy Free) pizza that isn’t a glorified tomato flavored rice cracker should show that I have some work to do here.

I saw a coworker gently daub excess grease from a beautifully orange NY style slice today at lunch and about lost my mind! I really wanted a piece of a middle of the road pizza that I would have likely passed on a year ago. Running it back through my mind, I know I would trade an awful lot just to be able to eat that pedestrian pie without getting sick.

Do you have a food you are clinging to from “the before time?” Have you let go?

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