Keste Pizzeria (West Village, Manhattan, NY): Gluten Free Pizza

What? Another pizza review? You must seriously like pizza!

Yes, yes I do.

I only get to Manhattan once or twice a year and my last two visits have been while I was eating gluten free, but before I cut dairy from my diet.

I miss cheese.

Anyway, on my last trip, I only had about six hours during a really long layover and decided to check out Keste in the West Village. I had read about it on “Gluten Free Gourmande” and decided to give it a shot. They make authentic Neapolitan pizza all week and offer a gluten free crust on Mondays and Tuesdays. I was very glad that I was there on a Tuesday!

There are no reservations, so I got to wait outside for about 20 minutes. It wasn’t a hassle and I got to scope out Risotteria, which is a gluten free Italian restaurant across the street. I will have to hit that next time I am there.

Once seated, you can see the dough being prepared and the frantic staff turning tables at an amazing rate. I got a huge bottle of sparkling water ($4) and the Gluten Free Margherita Pizza ($18). It cut cleanly and tasted like a real pizza. Seriously, not one bit different from a normal pie. I didn’t take a pic of the bottom of the slices, but it was obviously a gluten free dough. I am guessing it is the rest of the ingredients along with being cooked in an extremely hot oven, right on the stone.

I would definitely recommend Keste Pizzeria. I am eager to see what a “no cheese” pizza there would taste like.

Here is another review from Another Gluten Free Blog who wasn’t as taken as I was with Keste, but she still recommends it.

Coming soon: What happened after I walked across town to S’Mac for some gluten free Macaroni and Cheese.

Did I mention that I miss cheese?

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