These are some delicious cookies

Last week, I wrote about supporting gluten free small businesses. Well, the cookies have arrived from Mile End Bakery, and we couldn’t be happier. Seriously, these are some fine cookies. Kim was quoted saying:

“These are the best ginger cookies I have ever eaten.”

You will note that the third picture shows the box opening and only five cookies on the top layer. That first cookie disappeared quickly. Two more were soon eaten. It took some self control, but we did close the box and are saving the rest of the dozen for another day. Moderating sugar intake sucks sometimes, but we gotta do it.

Mallory and Anya made the process of ordering easy. They used the communication tools provided by Etsy to keep us up to date on the process, letting us know that the order was received and that they had been sent. The box was well padded and included a note.

Frankly, there are larger companies that aren’t able to deliver this well.

The cookies themselves are really, really good. They use “real butter, real sugar and the freshest eggs” and it shows. The flour mix they use was indistinguishable from “real” flour.

We look forward to trying more of their gluten free creations in the future.

Note: These cookies were bought and paid for by us. We did not receive any promotional consideration to write this review.

Extra Note: This does not mean that we aren’t open to free food. We like that, too.


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